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Editor's Picks: Items We Love Right Now

Editor's Picks: Items We Love Right Now

Each month, I curate a selection of kitchen gadgets, food products, seasonal tips, and culinary news tidbits that our editors are excited to share in the top margins of our Let's Get Cooking section in the magazine. And each month, I get bummed out that there's not more room to go into further detail about why this info is worth getting super excited over. So here's a bit more background on a few favorite picks from our May issue:

Bela Portuguese Sardines

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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Given, this rec is inspired by my personal [arguably over-] enthusiasm for canned fish, but these omega-3-rich little fishies are fabulous on all accounts. Packed in spring water rather than oil, Bela Portuguese Sardines make a smart snack, full of fresh flavor. I love them plain on toast or crackers with a squeeze of lemon, but they also make a lovely addition to pizzas, salads, and antipasto platters.

Fagor Paella Pan

Designed for seamless heat conduction and retention, the Fagor Paella Pan is so ideal for one-pan cooking. Because of its heavy-weight enamel-on-steel design, the pan is incredibly durable--great for stovetop, oven, or grill. Yes, it's officially designated a pan for paella, but this is a versatile piece of cookware that should not be limited to a single dish. It's heavy duty, it's nice looking, it's dishwasher-safe, and we kind of love it a lot.

Cake Boss Pro-Tip

It's no secret around here that I really do not love cake. I love the idea of cake, but in execution, I usually find it a dry, flat-flavored disappointment. That said, I will never turn my nose up at a cake made by Cooking Light's current rock star editorial fellow. This tip for keeping cakes exceptionally moist comes from her: You simply brush warm cake layers with simple syrup as soon as they come out of the pan. The syrup soaks into the cake and is locked in as it cools. She usually infuses the simple syrup with a flavor that is complimentary to the cake, like vanilla or an herb like lavender or thyme, to add depth.

In Season: Rhubarb

'Tis the season for rhubarb. Keep an eye out for firm, blemish-free stalks at your local market. The tart stalks can be used in anything from desserts to sauces to beverages and beyond.

Bittermilk No. 6

The latest release in Charleston-based Bittermilk's line of dynamic cocktail mixers, the Oaxacan Old Fashioned, provides for a deliciously more intense alternative to the margarita for your Cinco de Mayo sipping. Just mix 4 parts smoky mezcal with 1 part mix for a deep, bittersweet taste of Mexican chiles, cocoa nibs, and spice sweetened with raisins and cocoa husks. I like to finish it off with a squeeze of fresh lime juice for brightness.

6 Good Ol' Southern Breakfast Recipes

The south really knows how to do breakfast right! We've got some traditional southern breakfast recipes that'll make you feel like you're in the heart of the south without having to leave home. From biscuits and gravy to our spin on a true southern favorite like grits, your gang'll be at the table faster than you can say, "Come and get it!"

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Biscuits with gravy are a staple at most Southern breakfast tables. Just making true Southern country-style gravy and biscuits can take an entire morning. And we don't usually have that time! Y'all are gonna love this shortcut recipe!

This southern-style classic combo is a hearty and fun weeknight meal. Our Country Chicken and Waffles recipe cooks up quickly and easily, plus, it's got that down-home taste that will stick to your ribs.

There's more than one way to serve this Southern classic. Try our Golden Grits Casserole. This is our baked version of grits that's a delicious golden treat!

This down-home southern-style breakfast is sure to have everyone scrambling out of bed. Get out your skillet and cook up a batch of this Southern Breakfast Scramble!

We first had country-fried steak years ago at a little southern diner. Boy, were we hooked! And once we decided to put fried eggs on top, we discovered our new favorite breakfast.

In a jam for an easy and great-tasting homemade bread? Our Southern-style Strawberry Bread comes to the rescue. and with frozen strawberries baked right in, you can make it any time of year!

If you love these recipes, then you'll love this FREE eCookbook!

If breakfast left you wanting more country cookin', we've got just the thing!

No Bake Desserts

Save time and effort when you whip up these no bake dessert recipes. From no bake dessert bars to no bake chocolate desserts, we have every dessert recipe you can think of, but you won't have to turn your oven on.

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Recipe of the Day

Better-Than-Portillo's Chocolate Cake

If you've ever been in the Chicagoland area, you're sure to have heard people singing the praises of Portillo's, especially their&hellip See more Continue reading: "Better-Than-Portillo's Chocolate Cake"

Oprah’s Favorite Things List Goes Nursery!

We all know that Oprah just knows what’s going on. The Queen of all things gifting has done it again with her annual list of Oprah’s Favorite Things, and while we were busy tossing things into our carts, we couldn’t help but notice how many of her favorite things mirror current nursery design trends.

Whatever you’d like to call it, this bold graphic pattern hit 2018 hard and plans on continuing its popularity well into 2019. It’s a box we will always check!

Nursery by Willa Ford

You can’t help but smile when the face of a cutie animal is looking your way. We love seeing them on nursery walls and on clothing just the same.

Big Boy Room for a Wild Man | Animal HeadsOprah’s Favorite Thing: Animal Hats

Drawings, paintings, crafts, and art stations are expected to be front and center in playrooms and children’s rooms, and now Oprah has given them her stamp of approval for fashion accessories too!

Pretty in Pastels Playroom
Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Arts and Crafts Supply Library

The soft and subtle look of watercolors is simply timeless. Oprah’s Favorite Things list is encouraging us to make our own paintings and we are here for it!

Create a Watercolor Wonderland Nursery
Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Watercolor Set

We’ve been loving gold for a long time and have zero intention of slowing that shiny roll. Especially in the form of baby nurseries and bubble bath. Yup, bubble bath!

Going For Gold

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Bubble Bath

Sure, florals aren’t groundbreaking, but they sure are blooming in more places than just the garden these days.

Celebrity Design Reveal: Tamera Mowry’s Nursery

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Deluxe Hand Cream Set

You can layer our rooms and our outfits in the soft luxury of (faux) fur any day.

Circle of Life Mint and Gray Neutral Nursery

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Faux Fur Vests

Gotta love it when just two colors make a complete statement. Easy and classic—the combination of black and white is as beautiful in rooms as it is in fashion.

30 Black and White Nursery Looks for a Monochrome Design

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Contrast Hem Tunic

You can always count on Oprah for inspiring words of sentiment, encouragement, and empowerment. And we love her for it! We also love to see these sweet and strong notions show up in all things baby. Raise them right!

You Are Loved

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Empowered Bracelets

Natural wood tones mixed with shiny whites allow both textures to show their beauty. Seeing them mixed together in two of our favorite things—baby cribs and charcuterie boards—pretty much solidifies this trend as win for us.

Farmhouse Chic NurseryOprah’s Favorite Thing: Charcuterie Boards

We can’t get enough ROYGBIV! These colorful graphics are showing up on toys, swaddles, artwork, bedding and more in baby nurseries and now in adult items too. We need some whimsy and happiness in our lives too!

Elsi Rainbow MuralOprah’s Favorite Thing: Rainbow Tumblers

Let the WiFi do all the work! Baby monitors, decorative frames, and more got the tech upgrades that we crave.

Smart Nursery System

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: WiFi Smart Frames

We know you’re super busy keeping tiny humans alive, but it just takes a little bit of water to bring a mega dose of freshness into your spaces with live plants.

In the Nursery with Mary Lauren

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

These artistic splashes of color will never cease to be beautiful. And of course, Oprah has found a unique gift that nails this never-fading trend.

Ombre Wallpaper Mural

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Gradient Puzzles

So nice, she (kind of) did it twice. Strong words and sweet sayings are Oprah’s thing! Write them here, there, everywhere—but especially on giftable swaddles and napkins.

Dream Big Swaddle

Oprah’s Favorite Thing: Napkins

The Ultimate Spa Guide: Editor's Picks

Find your way here from Google? We noticed that was happening a lot. So, we released an all-new, updated Spa Guide in February 2019 with the hottest spas, most innovative treatments and latest trends the city has to offer. It's been a while since 2003, but we still love the chill. Click here to read.

A White Pond Paradise Salon & Day Spa
566 White Pond Drive, Suite D, Akron
(330) 865-7800,

White Pond Paradise's cozy decor -- from the wicker love seat and velvet, burgundy drapes to the armoire and chest of drawers in the changing room -- made us so comfortable that we felt right at home. Owners Rick and Patty Lucas were already accustomed to accommodating a nurturing atmosphere, as well as the necessities of a spa and salon, when they started White Pond in 2001: They grew up with their mother running a beauty shop out of her basement in Portage County.

What We Tried : zlycolic Manicure ($38), Facial Design Lesson ($65), Hydrotherapy Treatment ($45) and the Lip Conditioning Treatment ($10)

Most Surprising : The Lip Conditioning Treatment may have an inferiority complex: At only $10 and taking a mere 10 minutes, it's considered a "micro treatment," which clients normally only request in conjunction with a facial. But lying on our back while products were applied to our lips with a soft brush was just as relaxing as any facial, and our lips felt so pillow soft afterward that we would gladly pay twice as much for the treatment. Our mouth has never been so pampered. A Bio-Elements conditioning exfoliant, enzyme therapy softening gel and cream therapy mask were all applied, followed by a moisturizer that would put any chapstick to shame.

Best Pick : The Glycolic Manicure, which left our hands smelling of the warm, comforting scents of the holiday season. While the treatment's main feature is the alpha- and beta-hydroxy and emollient creams that even hands' skin tone and diminish fine lines, we were most taken by the delicious aroma of nutmeg left emanating from our hands, thanks to the Bio-Elements extra-strength enzyme therapy mask.

Spa Stress : The Hydrotherapy Treatment certainly looks impressive: The enormous, high-tech tub with a cover had us recalling those tabloid pictures of Michael Jackson in a hyperbaric chamber. And we were excited by its description, which promised "the ultimate in muscle relief." But while the warm water, powerful jets and aromatherapy ingredients were soothing, we couldn't help but think that a nice soak in a Jacuzzi would've had the same effect.

Antoine's Le Jour Spa & Salon
500 E. Royalton Road, Suite 120, Broadview Heights
(440) 526-6600,

Whoever first cautioned us against misjudging modest people, warning "it's those quiet ones you have to watch out for," should have told us not to underestimate quiet day spas, either. The quaint atmosphere at Antoine's Le Jour Spa & Salon belies a highly attentive, courteous staff and exotic spa menu that allowed us some of the best body treatments we encountered. A focus on excellent service is exactly what Antoine's director and consultant, Doris Chalala, had in mind when she opened the facility in 1996. Employees benefit from her 27 years' worth of spa experience in weekly training sessions where they learn the latest techniques and top-notch treatments.

What We Tried : DermaGlow Micro dermabrasion ($85), Moroccan Cocoon Body Wrap ($75) and Red Seaweed Relief Pedicure ($48)

Biggest Surprise : We didn't want to get microdermabrasion. We were sure this would turn our already problematic skin into a landscape of raw, red blotches. But Chalala calmed our worries by performing the procedure immediately after we received our body wrap, so we were already supine and relaxed, and by mentioning that side effects are so minimal that many clients come in for the popular exfoliation treatment while on their lunch break from work. A special wand "sands" the face, using fine crystals to remove dead skin cells and treat imperfections, such as acne and hyperpigmentation. A vacuum pulls collagen to the surface for plump, healthy cells, helping eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Just our single session -- Chalala recommends at least four for best results -- left our skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Best Pick : Our friends were concerned: They found the Moroccan Cocoon Body Wrap's name so mysterious, they warned that there might be voodoo involved. We think they were right: After this body treatment -- one of the best we've ever had -- we felt like a new person. The skin is sloughed with a body scrub before a dark brown mask of nutrient-rich mud from Morocco is applied to detoxify and help ease tired muscles. The body is then wrapped (as in a cocoon) with thermal and solar blankets, and the treatment is later followed with a contouring massage and a device called "the thumper," which attempted to beat our cellulite into submission. Sadly, cellulite won the fight. But this body wrap ranks as one of the most soothing of spa experiences.

Nice Touch : The 20 minutes of steamy relaxation we spent sitting in an "aromatherapy capsule" -- think sauna-for-one -- to relax our muscles before the body wrap

Chardonnay's Day Spa & Salon
7537 Fredle Drive, Concord
(440) 357-6766,

Lots of spas start out as hair salons, then slowly add massages, facials and body treatments to their menus. At Chardonnay's, which opened in April, owner Heather Janesz wanted to be known as a full-service, upscale spa right from the start. She succeeded. From the $8,000 Vichy shower (the only one in Lake County) to the spacious pedicure room, this 5,600-square-foot facility offers everything you could want in a spa. What's more, Chardonnay's staff is among the friendliest we encountered.

What We Tried : Chardonnay's Body Glow ($60), the Fitness Facial ($75) and Spa Pedicure ($50)

Great Products : After a vigorous screening process, Chardonnay's was selected as the first spa in Ohio to carry the Sonya Dakar skin-care line, including its infamous Drying Potion ($25), which, according to reports, is used by the likes of Drew Barrymore and Britney Spears to clear up blemishes overnight.

Best Pick : The deep-cleansing facial, given by aesthetician Colleen O'Connor, achieved a wonderful balance between being both gentle and thorough. Using all Sonya Dakar products, O'Connor applied a wash, a scrub, a blue mask to help open pores along with the steam before doing extractions, an enzyme peel, another mask and then a series of lotions to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin.

Nice Touches : Ice water is served in a real glass with an orange wedge. Chenille blankets add cozy warmth in the treatment rooms.

To Try for Lunch : The Oriental chicken salad ($6.95) served in a private area overlooking Quail Hollow Resort.

Even Better : This fall, Chardonnay's hired a staff cosmetic surgeon, which allows it to use medical-grade facial peels, botox injections and laser spider-vein removal. It also allows Chardonnay's to sell prescription skin-care products such as the Obagi line it now carries.

Check the Web Site : We've found some great specials posted online, including "A Day at the Spa," which features a neck and shoulder massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and haircut -- all for $130.

Charles Scott Salons & Spa
19025 Old Lake Road, Rocky River
(440) 333-7994,

We can't wait to get back to the decadence and special attention we found at Charles Scott. The first and largest of three locations, the 22-year-old Rocky River retreat is a beautiful, beige-and-gold world of trompe l'oeil murals, ornate chairs, and French-garden themed features, including the enormous black fountain in the middle of the spa's lobby. However, manager Kelli Hosso says Charles Scott's spa menu -- updated six months ago to focus on wellness as well as beauty treatments -- ensures plenty of pampering with the posh surroundings.

What We Tried : The Japanese Hot Stone Facial ($80), Hawaiian Manicure ($28), LaStone Therapy Massage (one hour: $80) and Eye Treatment ($25)

Biggest Surprise : While the Japanese Hot Stone Facial's warm and cool stones were meant to reduce stress and stimulate circulation, we couldn't help but snicker that, essentially, our face was just being rubbed with rocks. But aesthetician Charmayne Jeresko's combination of deep-cleansing facial -- which includes all-natural products and a customized mask -- smooth stones on acupressure points and thoughtful advice on skin care, left us feeling radiant and praising the power of the stones.

Best Pick : If the facial reduced our skepticism of New Age-ish treatments, the LaStone Therapy Massage made us believers. Stones are massaged on the body and placed on chakra (energy points) to provide nerve and muscle therapy and balance spiritual energy. The ones placed on our neck and lower back induced an almost immediate deep relaxation (apparently, our spiritual energy was quite unbalanced). Be forewarned: The stones, heated to 120 to 140 degrees in a "roaster," can feel mighty warm. But our body felt so loose and rejuvenated afterward, we think it's worth beating the heat.

Hold On : We find that a phone call to Charles Scott, at least half the time, results in being put on hold.

Nice Touch The gorgeous reminder of the building's past life as a bank: a massive vault door of polished steel and brass that serves as the entrance to the spa's changing room.

Don't Miss This : Hosso says the spa's renewed focus on wellness has been a hit with customers searching for alternative ways to treat their problems, including the popular Siddha Body Detoxification Treatment -- based on ancient Indian rituals and involving herb-filled pouches massaged on the body -- that reportedly helps cure insomnia ($70).

Dawn Nicole Salon & Spa
17800 Chillicothe Road, Bainbridge
(440) 543-9854, [email protected]

Dawn Nicole is remarkably well designed and well run for a business that's only been around for three years. That's a testament to a core of enthusiastic employees who take a lot of pride in their work, including owner Dawn DeVincentis, who opened the spa at age 23.

What We Tried : The DN Signature European Facial ($100), the Trim & Tan ($120) and a manicure ($20)

Don't Miss : The Trim & Tan is a treatment we'd like to have done right before our next big event. First, our body was exfoliated with an herbal scrub. The next step was a peppermint seaweed wrap to break down cellulite. Finally, a medium-darkness body bronzer was massaged onto our entire body, with careful attention paid to such rough areas as elbows and ankles. Over the next few days, several people asked if we'd just returned from vacation due to our authentic-looking tan.

Dynamite Dion : Nail technician Dion Simboli went above and beyond when tackling our neglected nails. Though we'd worked diligently to grow our talons to an attractive length, we'd broken a nail that morning. Simboli simply fit a tip to that finger and filed it to match the other nine. Meticulous in her work, she even touched up a few dings on our toenails (which we'd had done at a different spa). Our manicure lasted for more than a week without chipping or peeling.

Hair Guru : DeVincentis knows how to match the hairstyle and color to the person. She'll ask where you shop for clothes, what car you drive and get you to describe the look you want -- in just one word. Then she'll go to work. And though we are among the pickiest when it comes to our hair, we must confess that we love our new 'do.

Nice Touches : Clients lie on comfortable, S-shaped loungers when getting their hair washed. Throw blankets in the body-treatment rooms match the purples, reds and golds throughout the spa.

Extra Points : When we asked to pay for our spa lunch, we were told our grilled portobello sandwich was complimentary. Plus, we were given a small cosmetics bag, a miniature Redken True Calm candle and product samples, including various Redken items and a small container of the moisturizer recommended for our face by aesthetician Milana Tabachnik.

Europa International Salon & Spa
27970 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 206, Woodmere
(216) 292-6969

A lively cast of employees is center stage at this East Side salon and spa. Nail technician Marina Orekhov tells jokes, asks what music you'd like to hear and posts photos of clients' children and pets on her bulletin board. Lead aesthetician and owner Tanya Sigal swaps shopping tips and gossip with clients. On the day we visited, the staff stayed late to accept a last-minute appointment. It's of little surprise, then, that loyal customers come here again and again.

What We Tried : the Deep Cleansing Facial ($65 and up), French manicure ($20) and pedicure ($35)

For Your Face : Tanya Sigal views facials as a skin-care necessity, not a luxury. Devoid of candles, soothing music and darkened rooms, her approach is much more clinical. With the results she achieves, we can't complain. Treatments range from $65 for extractions only to $150 for an Organic Eminence Facial with extractions, skin masks and massage. Our facial consisted of cleansing, an organic fruit-purée mask, a slightly burning paprika formula topping to correct pigmentation, plus extractions. Because it was our first visit, Sigal charged us only $100. She even waxed our eyebrows for free.

International Flair : Don't be surprised if you don't understand a thing anyone's talking about. Technicians have come here from various countries, including the Ukraine, Turkey, Latvia and Hungary.

Great Deals : Europa offers packages that combine a selection of spa services at a reasonable price. We'd like to try the "Amaretto" -- a manicure, pedicure, special-occasion hairstyle and makeup application for only $100 -- before our next big night out.

Call the Movers : After nearly eight years in its current location, Europa has clearly outgrown its digs. It's a good thing they're planning a relocation sometime after the first of the year to a space four times larger in the Eton Collection, also in Woodmere.

Glenmoor European Spa & Salon
4191 Glenmoor Road, Canton
(330) 966-3524,

As you drive through the rolling green hills leading up to the Glenmoor Country Club, you get the feeling you're in for a very relaxing, very pampering spa experience. To call it just a country club, however, is a little misleading. Glenmoor features a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course and offers overnight accommodations in its 1930 Gothic-style clubhouse. Happily, the spa opened to the general public about a year ago.

What We Tried : Microdermabrasion with Spa Facial ($95) and the Herbology Body Treatment ($65)

Recently Redone : Glenmoor Spa just finished a $750,000 renovation, which included hardwood floors, a motif of autumnal colors and new equipment.

Like Being Licked by Kittens : We've heard microdermabrasion described this way before and, while we're more of a dog person, we're pretty sure the two experiences are not all that similar. Technically, microdermabrasion "sands" off the top layer of your epidermis. That sounds bad, but we found the procedure to be surprisingly gentle. It did leave our skin a bit irritated, but there was no redness and the irritation was gone within an hour or two. The results of just one session are not supposed to be dramatic, but we were nonetheless impressed that it did even out some stubborn hyperpigmentation.

No Hard Sell : Aesthetician Debbie Lee did not try to sell a block of four or five microdermabrasion sessions, as some spas encourage. Instead, she says she recommends starting with three and then re-evaluating the skin from there.

Two in One : The Herbology Body Treatment combined a body scrub and massage in what we felt to be one of the more relaxing treatments around. The gritty Chinese herbs first do the exfoliating, then dissolve as they are massaged into the skin with lotion.

Are We Nitpicking? We think this elegant country club could do better than to serve water in Styrofoam cups.

Head Quarters Salon and Spa
6071 Middle Ridge Road, Lorain
(440) 233-8508,

Most of the spas on our list are clustered in upper-class suburbs where folks can afford to drop $100 to be wrapped in peppermint or massaged with hot stones -- which makes this spa, located in the aging manufacturing city of Lorain, a bit of an anomaly. Owners Tamara and Ron Bennett, however, say their business has increased continuously since they converted from an 800-square-foot salon to a 6,500-square-foot spa in 1996. "What we've tried to do is educate people about the validity of the services and what they can do for their well being," Tamara says.

What We Tried : the Honey Body Polish ($75), deep-cleansing facial ($64) and an updo ($50)

Delicious : The Honey Body Polish uses natural products -- honey, almonds and fresh buttermilk -- to slough off dead skin, followed by application of a seaweed cream, which left our skin slippery-smooth.

Switcheroo : We had arranged to have a Repechage facial, but, just days before our arrival, the spa switched to Aveda products exclusively. We didn't figure this out till halfway through our facial when we asked the aesthetician to explain the steps in the facial. While the Aveda European facial was thorough and relaxing, it did not include the deep-pore cleansing typical of a European facial.

Ocean Ambiance : The spa is decorated in shades of blue, with lots of glass block, skylights and stone. "We wanted to have an ambiance of being on vacation at a resort," Tamara says. "It gives it a fresh look."

Extra Points : For a friendly, accommodating staff and an upscale, but not pretentious atmosphere

Ichiban Salon and Day Spa
Turning Point, 23550 Center Ridge Road, Suite 108, Westlake
(440) 356-9988,

Sure, sprinkling your salon and day spa with Joan Miró abstracts, multicolored walls and leopard-print chairs is pretty fashionable. Naming yourself after the Japanese phrase for "the one" -- now that's downright chic. But Ichiban's not being pretentious: The trendy spot started as a salon in 1989, longing to eventually become "the one" day spa on Cleveland's West Side. Although other day spas popped up before Ichiban started offering spa services in 1997, co-owner Harry Caito says the stylish, 7,000-square-foot facility still reigns as the largest and most unique.

What We Tried : The "Afternoon at the Spa" package ($179), which included the Marine Lift Facial, Swedish massage, French manicure, pedicure and lunch from Max's Deli

Biggest Surprise : We had never received a Swedish massage, but had heard about the vigorous rubbing involved, so we were ready to be pummeled by a portly woman named Olga. Adding to our nervousness was Ichiban's pre-massage questionnaire, which asked if we were "currentýy seeing a psychotherapist or attending regular support-group meetings." Fortunately, 73-year-old masseuse Jane Stevens put us at ease. Her decades of experience offered gentle kneading and a slow, tension-releasing rubdown that had us struggling to stay awake -- and gave us the best massage we've ever had.

Best Pick ý The Marine Lift Facial, which left our skin radiant and emanating the fresh, tropical scents of a beach in the Caribbean. Aesthetician Reese Ryba covered our face in oceanic products, including a liquid sea serum and skin-firming seaweed mask. An enzyme exfoliating gel combined with heat helped add a healthy glow.

Don't Miss This ý Nearly two years ago, one of Ichiban's five masseuses took a trip to Thailand and discovered the art of "The Lazy Man's Yoga," a unique blend of yoga and pressure-point massage done in a rocking, rhythmic pattern. The popularity of Thai massage prompted Ichiban to create a special room to capture the essence of the Orient -- from the red and saffron-colored decor and Buddha decorations to the traditional Thai music playing in the background (one hour: $70).

John Robert's Hair Studio & Spa
6727 Eastgate Drive, Eastgate Shopping Center, Mayfield Heights
(440) 446-1316,

We can see why John Roberts was named a "Top 20 Salon in America" by Salon Today magazine this July. An Aveda lifestyle salon, it has something for everyone. The check-in and hair-care areas are trendy enough to make you feel as though you're getting big-city treatment. The spa area is private and luxurious enough to make you forget your big-city problems. The men even have their own salon area -- complete with a pool table and sports on TV -- so they can get away from the women for a while.

What We Tried : Euphoric Stone Therapy ($75 for 60 minutes, $100 for 90 minutes), the Ultimate Facial ($100) and an eyebrow shaping ($15)

Don't Miss : The Euphoric Stone Therapy given by Amy Hill soothed our body without the pain that comes with some therapeutic massages. Heated, smooth, basalt river stones were used to apply deep penetration to our muscles, while others were placed on our lower back and between our toes and fingers. We left sleepily relaxed.

More Than Meets the Eye : Aesthetician Lisa Adams specializes in the art of the eyebrow. "There's a lot of misconceptions about eyebrows," she says somewhat mysteriously. A glamour brow, for example, is perhaps not the best look for a gal who prefers khakis. "You have to find out a little bit about the person," Adams notes -- after which, the plucking begins.

It's All About Comfort : A spa waiting room is fit with deep lounging chairs and matching footrests, while sheer drapes make it more private. A center table holds long-stemmed glasses and a pitcher of water topped with orange peels. Spa guests are provided with a soft robe and slippers with massaging-sole cushions, as well as a locker to store belongings.

In the Community : This spa prides itself on giving back to the community and it shows. We're particularly impressed by its involvement with the Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in University Heights. Each month, staff members visit sick children and brighten their days by doing the little things that make them feel special -- from braiding their hair to painting their nails to reading a few good books.

All Over Town : John Roberts also has locations in Solon (440-349-0097) and Chagrin Falls (440-247-4646).

Check the Web Site : Go online to make an appointment, learn about style trends and even register for the spa's extensive newsletter.

Mario's International Spa and Hotel
35 E. Garfield Road, Aurora
(330) 562-9171,

Mario's has been scrubbing, styling and soothing clients since 1977, and the popularity of its five nationally recognized locations puts the luxurious services in high demand. With a staff of 60 and currently remodeling for space (which we didn't even notice), Mario's is more than well-equipped for the job. Entering the facility, we were greeted by elegant white surroundings, with more than a few hints at Roman architecture, and a welcoming staff ready with water, coffee and mimosas.

What We Tried : A custom package that included the Spa Gold Facial ($125), Spa Pedicure ($60) and La Stone Therapy Massage ($150), plus overnight accommodations in the Spa Hotel and dinner and breakfast in The Cabin Restaurant and Lounge

First and Best : The aesthetician delivered a facial that was not only effective and gentle, but oh so relaxing. The real secret of the Gold Facial is the 23-karat gold heated vibrating spoons that stimulate circulation, collagen production and also sinuses -- great for allergy sufferers. After steaming, extractions and a mask specially chosen for our skin type from the Murad line, cold spoons were used for toning and tightening.

Off the Gently Massaged Path : Fully robed and pedicured, we were driven across the street to the Spa Sanctuary, which was originally a barn. Any animal, mineral or vegetable would have felt right at home in this cozy, three-floor facility that seems the epitome of feng shui. After sweating it out in the steam shanties, our La Stone massages took place side-by-side in the meditation loft surrounded by plants, pillows, mirrors and rugs. The 60-minute massage with aromatherapy oils and hot stones relaxed our muscles better than a round of painful kneading.

Not Always Perfect : On a previous visit to Mario's, we'd tried the popular "Tub, Rub & Pub" package ($99.95 per person, including choice of sauna, steam bath or whirlpool mini massage or facial and dinner) and found the experience to be a bit rushed. Plus, we had to wait in line 20 minutes for our 15-minute dip in the whirpool, which was not in a private area.

A Pleasant Surprise : We found an extensive menu including such favorite dishes as lobster-stuffed ravioli and center-cut tenderloin. We chose sirloin with a flavorful marinade and a tasty swordfish -- both beautifully presented. For dessert, we tried a decadent crème brûlée and a raspberry chocolate cake.

Peaceful Slumber : Our room had a European look with dark wood furniture and -- the best part of any bathroom -- a tiled, open-sided shower flowing into a deep Jacuzzi tub.

Martha's La Look Medi-Spa
8535 Tanglewood Square, Chagrin Falls
(440) 543-2797

Martha's La Look is a peaceful and relaxing spot where you can enjoy traditional spa treatments and much more. Under the care of Dr. Greg Classen, the staff cosmetic surgeon, clients may also opt for chemical peels, collagen treatments, laser hair removal or Botox. With no hairstyling services available, owner Martha Vucsko aims to give clients a true spa experience in which her friendly, courteous and skilled staff concentrates all its expertise on skin care.

What We Tried : Spa Facial with Aromatherapy ($70), 60-minute Deep Tissue Massage ($70), Herbal Body Wrap with Vichy shower ($95) and Spa Manicure ($20)

Don't Miss : ýe don't know what to rave about more -- that the spa's signature facial with aromatherapy was so effective or that it was so relaxing. Before she began, Vucsko thoroughly reviewed the skin-care questionnaire we filled out when we arrived and she explained to us why we had the problems we did with our skin, offering advice and solutions to treat ourselves at home. We were put even more at ease because she never once tried to make us feel guilty about not using expensive spa-quality products and didn't even mention that she had them for sale (although we knew she did).

Proof the Facial Was Relaxing : We fell asleep. Luckily, the sound of our own snoring woke us up before Vucsko returned to the room.

Proof the Facial Was Effective : Vucsko helped us get rid of some really stubborn blackheads and our skin felt softer for days afterward.

Body of Evidence : The herbal body wrap promises to take off inches and tighten skin in just two hours in our case, it certainly did. Even our jeans felt looser as we left the spa. But the readily apparent results and the wonderfully warm and cozy feeling the wrap itself brought weren't even the best part. The treatment was topped off by a Vichy shower and a mini-massage, both of which felt heavenly on our newly toned body.

Home Away from Home : Vucsko developed the Southwestern décor for the 5,000-square-foot space to transport her clients to a new place, to "take them out of Cleveland," she says. The spa gave us the comfortable feeling of being warm and safe inside on a cold, rainy day.

Maxelle's (The Old Arcade, Hyatt Regency Hotel location)
401 Euclid Ave., Suite 135, Cleveland
(216) 621-4600,

It's appropriate that two of Maxelle's four locations are only a few blocks from the stage shows of Playhouse Square: The salon and day spa has been in the spotlight drawing rave reviews since it opened last March, says Margaret Hatala, executive director. The Hyatt Regency location lures a diverse clientele of theatergoers, downtown residents and hotel guests. Hatala says Maxelle's commitment to natural, environmentally sound products as an Aveda Concepts spa makes for a loyal crowd of repeat customers -- the equivalent of a theater's standing ovation.

What We Tried :zThe Peppermint Body Wrap (half body: $55), Hot Stone Pedicure ($60), Eye Zone Treatment ($20) and Hair Conditioning ($15)

Biggest Surprise : We routinely forget to paint our toenails, and a Hot Stone Pedicure can't change the size of our feet, which are large enough to be mistaken for skis. Yet cosmetologist Cece Mackey made even our feet look and feel feminine, thanks to a massage with warm lava stones (to stimulate blood flow), eucalyptus and a beautifying composition oil, a tub of Aveda Calming Sea Soak, an exfoliating/hydrating mask and a crimson polish that drew a number of compliments.

Best Pick : The Peppermint Body Wrap, which not only made our skin baby soft, but also did a darn good job of clearing our sinuses. The strong mint aroma came from the Ace bandages -- soaked in seaweed to detoxify and soften skin, and peppermint oil to keep the body cool -- wrapped tightly around our thighs and midsection. We were covered with a Mylar sheet for 20 minutes to retain moisture, then had our "trouble spots" brushed with Aveda firming fluid contouring gel. We used a lot of gel.

Nice Touch : The seaweed and magnesium supplement and the large glass of water we received to help flush toxins out of our system

Don't Miss This : The Pumpkin Paraffin Facial and Pedicure, which combines

10 Chic Work Bags Under $1,000 We Love

Are you on the look out for something chic yet roomy enough to tote about your documents, laptop or iPad? We’ve done the legwork for you so you don’t have to. Check out some of our favourite work bags we’ve got our eye on below:


15 Fashionable Flats You Can Wear Anywhere

7 Singapore-Based Labels With Stylish, Affordable Bags Under $200

Our Favourite Fashion Looks From ‘The Penthouse: War in Life’

Taken from the Coach archives and given a modern-day refresh, the Coach Willis Top Handle has a structured shape and is made from soft glove-tanned leather. Carry it by its top handle, or sling it crossbody to go hands-free.

Started by founders José Luis Bartolomé & Albert Escribano in 2014, Hereu is a relatively new brand carrying bags and shoes crafted in Spain. This Cabassa style has a beautiful architectural shape and is dressed with rounded handles. Super chic!

If you need an everyday tote that will never go out of style, look to the Aimee leather tote from Oroton. It comes with a little zip pouch within so you can store your loose items like keys and coins easily. Plus, the little pocket in front is perfect for your phone.

For something structured but with a casual vibe, we’re loving the Soft Rey bag from Staud. This surprisingly roomy bag has a trapeze silhouette and can be hand-carried or slung over your shoulders.

We know and love Marni for their fantastic prints, and this adorable tulip-adorned tote bag is no exception. Made with leather-trimmed straps and a durable coated-PVC body, this classic shape will take you from work to the weekends easily.

We’re fans of how versatile the Mini Maestra from Senreve is. Carry it by its top handle, wear it crossbody or pull the straps and transform it into a backpack! The best part? It’s available in many colours and textures, including a vegan leather version.

P.S. If you want to see the bags for yourself in person, head on over to the Senreve pop-up at Takashimaya. Visit this link to find out more.

The unique shape of the Lin bag from Wandler is definitely a conversational starter. Dressed in buttery soft leather, you can wear the bag with its edges pushed in for a more geometric look, or unbutton the push-studs at the side to expand its size — smart!

Anyone remember when Anya Hindmarch released the “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” tote more than a decade ago to discourage the use of plastic bags? As a tribute to the circularity of fashion, the brand has launched its “I’m A Plastic Bag” series made from plastic bottles sourced from landfills. This roomy tote scores big on colour as well as eco-consciousness.

Anyone who loves fashion would probably be familiar with the flexible Lucent bag from Issey Miyake. Made in Japan and inspired by the idea of “shapes made by chance”, this classic piece is utilitarian chic at its finest.

If you love a touch of whimsy in your accessories, look to Italian designer, Fabrizio Viti. Having worked at Gucci, Prada and currently the head of women’s shoes at Louis Vuitton, he knows a thing or two about style. Black leather straps align this big canvas tote, and its also been adorned with the brand’s signature white and pink daisies.

Для показа рекламных объявлений Etsy по интересам используются технические решения сторонних компаний.

Мы привлекаем к этому партнеров по маркетингу и рекламе (которые могут располагать собранной ими самими информацией). Отказ не означает прекращения демонстрации рекламы Etsy или изменений в алгоритмах персонализации Etsy, но может привести к тому, что реклама будет повторяться чаще и станет менее актуальной. Подробнее в нашей Политике в отношении файлов Cookie и схожих технологий.

Prize List: ‘Are You The Most Obsessed Dog Mama’ Instagram Giveaway

$100AUD Gift Voucher by Mister Woof

Mister Woof is an Australian owned dog accessory brand who love a wardrobe for your dog that compliments your own.

From chic leather collars to uber-cool sunglasses for your pet, the Mister Woof collection will see your pup put their most fashionable paw forward.

Gaston Set with Personalised Name Tag by Für Sie

Für Sie is a lifestyle dog brand featuring fashion-forward designs that pet owners connect with and want to wear themselves.

This fun and playful Gaston set turns nature into a disco, with a festive spin on the floral look. Perfect for pups who like to pawty!

1 x Collar
1 x Leash
1 x Personalised Name Tag

€75 Gift Card by Pawness

High on style, low on paw-print, the Pawness mission is “happiness for all pooches, their pals and the planet.” Pawness crafts and curates dog essentials that support conscious living.

Featuring sleekly designed dog leashes, collars and more in a rainbow of contemporary colours, at Pawness you’ll also find a luxe range of grooming products and thoughtful gifts (including our favourite – the Puppy Milestone Cards!)

$100USD Gift Card by Sir Dogwood

Sir Dogwood features a highly curated selection of quality dog wear and accessories from the freshest and most innovative designers in the US and abroad.

From the tiniest teacup to the largest lab, Sir Dogwood carries chic, modern styles for swank pups and their stylish owners. They also partner directly with emerging makers to create limited edition items available exclusively from Sir Dogwood.

Prize Pack by Holly & Co.

Holly & Co. is a modern pet boutique specialising in fun, unique and durable accessories for all furry friends so they can live their best life.

From everyday adventures to special occasions, they have something for every human and their dog!

1 x Collar
1 x Leash
1 x Harness
1 x Bow
1 x Poop Bag Holder

$100USD Gift Voucher by Cavology

CAVOLOGY is an accessories brand designed by dog lovers for dog lovers. Inspired by two Cavaliers, Herky and Milton, Cavology focuses on providing high quality, stylish accessories that cater to the active lifestyles of dog parents.

From designer harnesses to matching bow ties and scrunchies, CAVOLOGY is the place to shop for stylish pups and parents.

Drippy Ceramic Bowl & Mug Set by AAPETPEOPLE

AAPETPEOPLE features luxurious fashion and accessories for style-conscious pets and people.

Handcrafted in Philadelphia, this ceramic bowl and mug set is designed to elevate you and your pup’s shared dining rituals. We just love the eye-catching drippy design available in three colourways – turquoise, charcoal, and white.

$100AUD Gift Voucher by Fur Tales

Fur Tales is inspired by a love for pets and the planet. With a focus on modern craftsmanship, functionality, ethical practices and sustainable materials, Fur Tales offer you and your pet the very best with a premium range of pet products including treats, toys and ceramic bowls.

Check out their handcrafted Tanami ceramic dog bowl – our personal favourite!

Prize Pack by Molly Barker

Molly Barker is where stylish dogs and luxury lifestyle collide. Featuring chic, premium products that celebrate a minimal aesthetic, Molly Barker is the go-to destination for pet parents seeking modern pet accessories to compliment their decor and lifestyle.

1 x Dog Shampoo
1 x Dog Deodoriser & Conditioning Mist
1 x Barker Dog Treat Ball
1 x Sadie Dog Bandana in Nude

Prize Pack by Woof and Wonder

If you and your pooch live by the mantra, “positive vibes only”, Woof and Wonder has you covered. Born from a wild collaboration between a colour-loving dog mom and a sassy French Bulldog (called Handsome, naturally) Woof and Wonder creates bold, playful accessories for dogs and their fun-loving mamas.

1 x Cool Dog Mom Cap
1 x Dogaholic Keychain
1 x “I Can’t Talk Right Now, I’m Doing Dog Mom Shit” T-Shirt

$100AUD Gift Voucher by OHMINME

Behind OHMINME is a mother and daughter duo working on opposite sides of the world to make stylish, thoughtful and functional dog products.

From accessories to apparel, all products are handmade using sustainable and certified organic materials. Perfect for eco-conscious pet parents with an eye for beautiful design.

Dog Mama Walking Pack by DOOG

DOOG is for lovers of dogs and the great outdoors. Designed for daily dog adventures, the DOOG collection features a wide range of stylish, practical gear to encourage pet parents to get out more and explore with their furry best friends.

The ultimate prize for outdoorsy dog mamas, the Walking Pack includes:

1 x Walkie Bag
1 x 6 Months Supply of DOOG Tidy Bags
1 x 3-in-1 Water Bottle/ Bowl
1 x Training Clicker

Stanzione 87

We’ve written about Stanzione 87 in the past, and for good reason: It’s a Brickell gem. The pizzeria from the namesake Stanziones (Franco and Ashley) has been around for years in the neighborhood its longevity is a testament to its quality, as few spots have been able to weather the never-ending construction woes plaguing the area. What can you expect upon your visit? Delicious pizzas out of the oven in 90 seconds. They pride themselves on fermenting their dough for a minimum of three days, and the mozzarella is made fresh daily. You can taste the difference—even their basic margherita (mozzarella, Parmigiano, olive oil, and basil) will have you raving to your friends.

The variety of pizzas available makes this the perfect place for even the pickiest of eaters. Whether you’re a white pizza (no tomato sauce) or red pizza fan, you’re sure to leave satisfied. We lean red, so items like the salami with spicy honey or the sausage and bell peppers are always top of mind. However, white pizza fans have plenty of reasons to salivate: the Mais—cream, corn, prosciutto and some other goodies—is a must. Not a fan of the selections? Just make your own.

Aside from pizzas, the restaurant offers several sandwiches, subs, and salads there’s no excuse for not checking this place out, especially since they deliver. Also, wine connoisseurs need to take note: Stanzione 87 is the go-to for natural wines in the area. You can find rare (and beloved) bottles of Las Jarras and other notable winemakers here, and the selection is always changing. Hungry or thirsty? Don’t sleep on this treasure it’s one of the best Brickell restaurants.

Stanzione 87 is located at 87 SW 8 th Street, Miami, FL 33130. For more information, click here.

What's in My Cart: Everything Our Senior Home Editor Wants Right Now

Affordable finds to bring style and comfort to your space.

AsGood Housekeeping&rsquos senior home editor, I come across tons of home-related products, both good and bad. But there are some special finds that are just too great to keep to myself. That&rsquos why I&rsquom sharing my favorite home items with you &mdash our readers &mdash here on our website every month in the hope that you&rsquoll appreciate them as much as I do.

Lately, I've found myself craving moments of self-care and searching for a few simple accessories to make the various spaces throughout my home more inviting. Between last-minute holiday gift shopping and reflecting on the many challenges that arose this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, I'm ready to discover a new sense of comfort in my home. Here's a peek at the home products I have my eyes on at the moment, including a relaxing aromatherapy diffuser, chic dinnerware and a personalized charcuterie board.

The moment I turn on any aromatherapy diffuser, I'm instantly put at ease. But this Vitruvi design will also look extra lovely on your side table &mdash the terracotta color would work beautifully with the neutrals in my living room.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm not in the mood to have an all-black speaker on full display. A rose gold finish makes this Bluetooth speaker a nice upgrade from the standard.

Since I'm not heading to the beach anytime soon, this large-scale ocean-inspired print is the next best thing.

Your favorite sweater will come to mind every time you reach for this mug, complete with an adorable knitted cover.

Award-winning singer Kelly Rowland recently teamed up with Etsy to curate a list of her favorite products, including this chic striped dinnerware set.

With these blue-light glasses from Drew Barrymore's FLOWER line, I feel like I don't have to worry about eyestrain anymore.

It's no secret that I love just about anything that's personalized, like this wooden wine and cheese board.

What are the chances of a little one sitting through a full day of remote learning if this cute chair is part of their workspace?

One of the most fun aspects of cooking is experimenting with spices. This revolving rack holds 16 jars (think coriander seed, celery salt, and crushed mint), plus it's made of durable stainless steel.

There won't be any excuses when it comes to keeping your kitchen or pantry organized if you own this set of stackable containers.

Not only will these felt placemats help protect your tabletop &mdash the cutwork design is sure to add a playful touch, too.

A great throw never fails to make a chair or sofa more cozy. If your seating is needs a bit more oomph, go for this diamond patterned design with tassels.